Sunday, April 1, 2012

The second block for me..

PS alphabet stitch 1/1 on cashel linen platinum with DMC threads
H for Honey...
I made a mistake on the grass under the hive..never mind...
I really don't know if I will stitch the bee at the top..

For the letters I won't stich the brown's an alphabet so it is important to see them.
stitching 1/1 the letters disappear into the background.

Q is on my hoop

Have a nice day

Véro L


IrisRee said...

I like what you have done so far...I may go back and take out the background stitches on the letters I have completed.

Mips said...

Great progress! You are a brave soul for over 1 work but at least you will be able to afford to frame your piece when finished. Seeing these blocks makes me want to bring mine back out. I have not worked on it since forever. I have missed it.

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