Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hello, newbie and question regarding frames or hoops

Hi, I'm new to the blog and excited to get started. I have a question about what holders/stands you use. I was thinking of using the Needlework System 4 lap/table stand and Q snap holder. Does anyone use this combo? Also, how large will my fabric be if I'm doing 9 across and 3 down on 28 count evenweave or linen? If you're doing it similarly, are you doing each block with a wooden hoop, plastic tension hoop, scroll frame (what size?) or this System 4 setup? I love the idea of the Q Snaps, but how do you know what size to invest in? I mean, they go from 6" to whatever, so I can't figure out whether I need a little one or a big one. Suggestions?


Alice said...

Hi Melissa, I am doing my sampler on 40ct linen and I just bought a whole yard. I have more than enough, which is what I wanted because doing all that work and not having enough fabric made me nervous! I started in the left corner and whatever fabric is in excess will be cut and used for something else. I am stitching without any hoops or frames at all. I always stitch in hand. Hopefully someone else will have handy advice for you. I just wanted to say welcome to the group!

Melissa B said...

Thanks, Alice!
I've done both "in hand" and hoop, and I could easily do it just in hand because I can get my tension well that way. I guess it's just a preference. That's a good idea, to just go ahead and buy a yard.

Kevin said...

Hi Alice and Melissa!
I just wanted to say hello, and I'm glad to see two other people stitching this. I am planning to start mine this week, once my fabric arrives. I got a piece of 36 count from Fabric Flair (ivory or cream color) but I forget the dimensions. It wasn't a full yard, but was larger than 1/2 - it was an "odd" size I've honestly never seen before, but it seemed to be exactly right for my calculations -- just hope I didn't mess that part up, because math s not my strong suit!