Thursday, November 19, 2009


Thanks to Vonna for setting up this wonderful blog for those of us interested in stitching the PS ABC series. I had gotten a yard of 36ct BOAF Barn Owl several years ago when these charts first came out and oh man - I thought I was going to stitch them all. Well - some 4 years or so later - hummm - I have actually ditched the idea of stitching them all on one piece of linen and cut out and framed my A is for Anchor.

Here is a picture before it was framed. I'll show another photo later of the framed piece. I am now inspired to get out my chart and find the linen and get busy on B is for Blackbird.

I also wanted to say that I have trouble with commenting on certain blogs and for some reason - this is one that I can't comment on (sigh) - I hope one day I can resolve what causes this problem for me. Until then - I am reading all your posts but just can't comment - boo hiss -

Enjoy! Melody

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Katherine said...

Melody - first of all, love your blog. Hope you can figure out the commenting thing. Doncha just hate it when you buy a huge (expensive) piece of fabric for a project and then lose heart in it? I have a big (actually a few) hunks like that. Glad you've found a purpose for yours.