Sunday, November 29, 2009

Prairie Schooler

Hi fellow stitchers, thanks to Vonna for creating and inviting me to this blog and thanks to all of you for the inspiration to stitch the Prairie Schooler alphabet. The charts have been languishing in my file cabinet for several years. Every once in a while I pull them out and cipher the size to stitch all of them on one piece of fabric, sigh and plod on through my infinite pile of UFOs. I saw all the letters stitched 9 across by 3 high at the Minnesota State Fair 2 years ago. It was a fabulous piece.
So here's my plan: Stitch the letters 4 across by 7 high on 40 count Iced Cappucino over 2 threads with DMC. I realize that makes an extra box but ala Scarlett O'Hara, will worry about it tomorrow (maybe fill it with random PS squirrels and acorns). It's going to be a HUGE piece of fabric! I've ordered it through my not-so-LNS and hope to be able to start next weekend.
Stitch on, Leslie

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