Monday, November 23, 2009

So excited!

Hello everyone! I am Alice and I am so excited to be doing this project with all of you for support. I fell in love with that picture that Vonna posted, so she gets credit for enabling me. I have ordered the charts already. Technically they are a Christmas gift... I will get others that are secret, but my family got tired of seeing that picture on the computer and told me to get on with it already! So, I am not sure if I will stick to the spirit of things and wait until the New Year to start, or just get on with it already! I need to decide on size and fabric first... I have never stitched over 1 before. Do you all think this would be too much of a baptism by fire? I am used to linen and stitching on small counts so I might go with a 40 ct over 2. I am enjoying this so much already and look forward to getting to know everyone.

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