Monday, December 28, 2009

B is for ... bumbling on

Day 1

Day 2(under artificial light)

Day 3

The combination of a peaceful Christmas with no travelling and Test Match Special on the radio, with live coverage of England's cricketers taking on South Africa has given me plenty of stitching time until I start work again tomorrow (boo, hiss!).

So my Prairie Schooler SAL is growing apace ... of course, when talking about over one, 'growing' is a relative term ... but hopefully, I will finish it later today. I've had a visit from the frog, I miscounted the vine border and was one stitch out by the time I got to the top ... I've reworked the horizontal row at the top, but the leaves and berries I've left alone, it can be our little secret :o)

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Katherine said...

Nic - Everyone who sees this is going to be so blown away by the tiny size that that they'll never notice you miscounted. And, since I too will miscount when I stitch, as will many others, none of us will condemn you. Lovely job.