Monday, December 7, 2009

Dimension Ciphering

I have the dimension's figured on my personal blog, for how I'm going to do it. But It is very easy to figure. Each chart is 70 x 101. How many stitches do you want between each motif? What is your layout? calculate a total stitch width, by height and then go to: click on "TOOLS"; then click on "STITCH CALCULATOR" and put in the dimensions, the count and "over one" or "over , chose 2 inches or 3 inches for framing and press calculate and VIOLA! It will tell you the stitch area and what to cut for your framing needs depending on what you chose.

Just a FYI.... for those of you seeking help! I use this all the time :)


P.S. there's been a couple of you asking about my fabric, just go to my tutorial blog ( and click on Bake and Basted fabric - I have step by step pictorial instructions :)


omashee aka Barb said...

Thank you Vonna! I knew there was a Stitch Calculator out there somewhere. I'll save this one to my favs. I've figured it the old fashioned way but it never hurts to check my math.

Robin (Samplerbird) said...

Just wanted to add a caution here. Some of the charts vary in size. The majority are 100x70, however the following charts are different: G-H-I are 101x72, J-K-L are 101x70, P-Q-R are 100x72. You may want to take that in account when setting up your layout.

Vonna said...

Really some are 72? I didn't realize that. I knew some were 100 that's why I figured 101 for all the charts. But I didn't realize that any were different in width. My apologies.

Katherine said...

Hey, Vonna - hate to tell you, but someone stole your "Baked and Basted" tutorial. I went there from the link in your post and the left was empty, but the right had info about your Tutorial Blog. Dunno, could be me. Hope you can get it back up; I was really looking forward to learning that technique. Thanks.

Vonna said...

Nobody stole it Katherine it is there you just have to click through the links. Here is the URL directly, which I should have just posted but was too lazy: