Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Little Progress

I thought I'd be finished with the A block, but the holidays are really putting a damper on my stitching.  I've also made a couple mistakes.  I've got one too many rows (an extra row above the A) and for some reason the bird's tail went one stitch over into the margin.  But I'm leaving four between each block going across and I'll just add an extra row to all the blocks going down  to make up the difference.  I'm planning on doing a block a month.  I also changed out the color for the Letter A.  I'm using 920 and it seems to show up better IRL.


Alice said...

I think it looks great! i am glad you have a plan to deal with your boo-boos. It would be awful to have to do a whole bunch of frogging.

Katherine said...

No one will ever know; you just fudge the rest. I can't count worth beans! It's the biggest reason I decided not to do them as one piece. You are all so far ahead of me, but I'm sticking to not starting until January 1.