Sunday, January 31, 2010

Finished with the Letter E

Here's my completed E is for Embroidery. My favorite embroidery scissors are by Sajou; imitation tortoise shell. So, I redid the color scheme so they could be represented in this panel. I also substituted my initial into what she's working on.
Additionally, I wasn't crazy about the weird blob that was in the middle. Was that supposed to be a cat? Anyway, I was going to do a thimble, actually stitched it, but didn't like it so took it out. Then what to do?! It hit me this morning. A skein of floss! For those interested, I will put a brief instruction on how to do the floss skein and the overdyed colors list, mostly Gentle Art, I used on my blog.


Nic said...

That looks great! I was already going to personalise the stitching in the hoop, and know I'm definitely going to borrow your idea for replacing the cat! Thank you for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely replacing the cat with the skein of floss. That's ingenious! It looks beautiful, Katherine.

Katherine said...

Thank you guys, very much.