Saturday, January 9, 2010

A is for Anchor

I started this on the 28th of December, and finished it on the 5th of  January, as I wanted to stitch my New Year's Day pieces too. Again, this was mostly worked whilst listening to the coverage of the cricket in South Africa - cross stitch and cricket go very well together!

This is how it grew:

And this is how the first row completed looks:

Apologies for the dark pictures - we have grey skies because of all the snow we're getting.

I didn't make any changes to this. Although I may go back and work two of the letters in the compass rose in a different colour, as N and W are my initials :o)

D is for Drum is taking slightly longer to work, as I'm doing a bit of a re-design - the flag and shield motif are being changed to designs more appropriate for someone who is not American, and the eagle is changing species too!


Brenda said...

You stitch incredibly fast! I have been working for days on only the A. I do watch TV as I stitch and I know this slows me down.
I am very interested to see what you do with your D block as I am a Canadian and also want to change this block. I may even take the drum out and make D for something else altogether.

Katherine said...

Wow Nic! Great progress. I too am looking forward to seeing your D changes. Also, I like how you didn't fill in the background of your letters. I think it makes them stand out more. And all this with half crosses aye? Good job!

Vonna said...

WOW! That's some progress!