Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Long Journey But I'm Here!

Let me introduce myself--my name is Teresa S and I live in Kent, WA. Here is my New Year's start to this wonderful SAL. Love the no pressure aspect very much, Vonna! Hard to believe but this is my very first Prairie Schooler stitch.

It has been a long journey to get to this point. I ordered all the charts for this project back in late November from 123 stitch. They mailed them and the post office delivered them, but NOT TO ME! So, after they didn't show up, I contacted 123 stitch and they graciously sent me another set of the charts. Well, I talked to my post woman, my neighbors, and nobody had seen the original package, so I put the whole situation in God's hands. About 2 weeks after the first package had been "delivered" somewhere it showed up on my doorstep. Now 123 stitch has the original package back.

I am stitching on 24 ct. ecru Congress cloth and using continental/tent stiches. And, I wanted to substitue overdyes for the DMC threads and went thru the same dilemma that Katherine has so beautifully described on her posting. (Thanks for pointing the way, Katherine!) So it took most of December to get the overdyes situated and a large enough piece of Congress cloth to put all these letters together. (If anyone is interested in a list of the overdyes, email me privately and I will be happy to send them. Now I have finally started in the middle with E, N, and W. I have a funny desire to check my margins when I begin stitching because no matter how carefully I count, divide, etc. sometimes I end up with an unhappy surprise regarding margins. So I started with 3 vertical letters. I am using stretcher bars and have rolled the excess canvas up on the right side and will stitch from the middle and move left, then shift the canvas over and stitch from the middle to the right. Does that make sense? Looking forward to watching everyone's progress!


Katherine said...

Hey Theresa - Where's Kent? My son and his family live in Puyallup, near Seattle. I know, Washington's a BIG state (we drove all the way across it - and then some - once).
So, how cool is that, you're stitching with overdyes, but on Congress Cloth - like a needlepoint, right? Look forward to seeing more.

Dianne said...

Well, after some drama with your project, even before you started, you're on a roll now!!! Can't wait to see more projects!

Nic said...

I can't wait to see what the overdyes look like on this project! It's so great that there won't be two identical pieces in this SAL.

stitchenmylifeaway said...

I'm looking forward see your use of overdyes and congress cloth. I hadn't thought of congress cloth. Please post a picture of your fabric.

stitchenmylifeaway said...

Sorry I meant a close up pic I'm really not familiar with what it looks like.