Monday, January 18, 2010

Warning on E - note before you stitch

I've just begun E is for Embroidery and I've noticed that the stitch count for that one is wrong. Although the chart says 70 - I've counted 71 across. Someone who has the chart, double check it for me and post a comment, please. I've counted this several times now and still come up with 71. The problem is the top part of the chair; it is one stitch over the 70. My answer to the problem is that I'm just going to move the entire chairback in by one stitch (taking a little off her butt - and what one of us wouldn't like to do that ourselves?) Hope that this helps.


Nic said...

Yes, E is 71 stitches - although it is just the one stitch that is the cross bar at the top of the chair, so you could get away with not stitching that.

Fortunately, I've left a 5 stitch border between all my pieces, so I can accommodate these oddities, but I can appreciate how annoying it must be if you want to stitch them all flush!

omashee aka Barb said...

Thanks Katherine, for the heads-up! Good catch!