Wednesday, February 17, 2010

B Is For Barely Done

I completed "A" and was able to find little bit of free time to start on the letter "B" ~

PS Alphabet blocks A & B


Katherine said...

Your progress looks wonderful Marie-Pat. Remember, this is a no-pressure SAL. Happy Stitching!

Brenda said...

It looks great and I agree with Katherine about "no pressure" just keep it fun.

Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful! And no worries, I don't have much done either. I'm stitching far too many projects, and going to school, and working.

Relax. Just keep it fun! (:

Susan said...

What a sense of humor you have!
I love it - "B" is for barely done!
What a hoot!
How about - "N" is for never started!
I am enjoying seeing the update on all of the work. I own CHS alphabet and didn't want to do another large alphabet project.