Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February Update

Hello, fellow stitchers! Here is the latest on my Prairie Schooler ABC project. There was a question on my last posting about the ecru Congress cloth I am using on this project. It is 24 ct. So I tried to take a close-up photo--this was the best I could do--hope it helps!

I was having such a good time stitching on this that I finished far more than I expected-E,N, & W. Plus a small start on V and X that I hope to finish by the end of this month.

On the letter E, I am debating about the background on the embroidery piece. The dark color wasn't working for me, so for now I have left it like an unfinished piece. But I might come back later and put in a background--what are you doing on this letter?
I just ordered the Pins and Needles Prairie Schooler chart. I am determined to use the P is for Pincushion instead of the P is for Parrot. But it will be later this year before I get to P, so I'm sure it will be a few months before I get around to revising the chart. Is anyone else planning to switch?


Brenda said...

Love your progress, just beautiful! I don't think I am going to switch the "P" block but I will be doing something different for "D". I am thinking about D is for darning and using the pins and needles leaflet. I would use the "a stitch in time" chart but would have to fill in other things to make it bigger to fit with the other letters.

Katherine said...

I'm hung up on the P too. I have my Pincushion chart, so can make that instead of parrot. But, I had also thought that I might change the colors of the parrot - and make it more real looking and that I might be happy with that. Also, like Brenda, I've been thinking of ways that the pictures can be changed to represent stitchy sorts of things. But then I thought that might be changing the flavor of the pieces altogether too much. Maybe that can be our next SAL, changing these to a stitchers alphabet!

Nic said...

That looks great - I love how the piece looks with the pale background, I may have to use that idea ;o)