Wednesday, February 3, 2010

S is for "Snowing" not "Sewing"!

Well, I'm halfway through my February goal of two letters! I had a snow day off from work on Monday and I was able to complete the letter "S". In light of all the snow we are having this winter season, I think we need to change this block to S is for Snowing!

It's off to start the letter "B"!


Nic said...

It looks great!

Katherine said...

Oh! Holly, you're not too far away from me. That bullseye for the most snow was off a little last night, I think. But the nor'easter is coming on Friday; I've already heard estimates of a foot! Well, we may be through our March stitching by the time the weekend is all over!

Alice said...

Between the two, I'd much rather have sewing than snowing! Bah humbug on winter. But, I guess you are getting more stitching time! It looks wonderful!

Brenda said...

It looks great, I look forward to stitching this one but it is a Long way off for me.
We have had lots of snow this winter as well, but then I live in Canada and this is what winter is all about.