Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Really late to the game

Hi! I got my ABC's charts for Christmas and hoped to start in February, when I could easily slot this project into my rotation. However it took me a little while to choose my fabric and fabric count. I finally went with Lakeside Linens Maritime White which is a nice creamy mushroomy colour. I chose to do a 40 count over 2. Unfortunately my LNS didn't have a big enough piece for me so I had to do a special order. This was in February. I finally got the call that my linen was in at the end of July! Does it always take that long? So, I hope to start this project at the end of my current rotation which should be right after Labour day.

Could I ask for some advice? Do you think I should use one or two strands of floss?


Loraine said...

Hi Alice. That is a long time to wait! They are lucky you didn't buy the linen elsewhere.
I would do 1 strand of floss. Trying to jam 2 strands into 40 count, would be really tight. You may be able to do a half cross-stitch with 2 strands, and it will cover enough. Try it out first!
I haven't started yet either, so you are not the only one! LOL. I'll get there someday.

Katherine said...

Definitely one strand on 40 count - your linen is going to bind up if you use two. Also, that blue font is really hard to read. Best of luck!

Alice said...

Goodness! Sorry about the blue font. I wasn't taking into account the orange background. Horrible.

Thanks for the advice, one strand it is.