Thursday, September 2, 2010

R is for Rabbit......... FINISHED!

My stitching has been moving along very slowly but finally....a finish.

It really looks wavy but it straightens out easily, just not when I want to get the picture of it.
We cut down frame moulding night before last so now I believe I have 4 or 5 Prairie Schooler ABC's to frame. I'll post a pic when I get them assembled.
Somehow I missed stitching Q is for Quilt so now I have to go back and stitch it.
9 more to go.
Happy Stitching


Alice said...

Congrats on the finish! It is lovely

Nancy said...

I am a member but don't know how to post my pics. Can you help me? Thanks. Nancy S

Deana said...

Thanks Alice.

I'm not too good at all this computer stuff but this is how I post my pictures.
1. Upload pics from camera to MY PICTUES folder.
2. When you go to blog to write your post, there are 7 small icons right below where you write your title. Put your curser on the one that looks like a small picture and it should pop up ADD IMAGE. Should be the 2nd fromn the right.The one on the far right is for video.
3. Click on it and the screen will change to have a small box that has, add an image from your computer.
4.Click on the box that says BROWSE. You will then get a screen that you can choose MY PICTURES folder, then click on the picture you want to upload to the blogsite.
If you want to add more than one picture, click on ADD ANOTHER IMAGE.
You will get another box that says
Browse, you can add up to 5 pictures at one time.
If you want your picture to be at the bottom of your posting on the blog, you will need to either add your picture and then write you message or highlight, cut, and move what I call "Garble" to the bottom after your writing. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Adelina said...

I love it !!!