Saturday, January 8, 2011

Can you help us, please?

Hello, my name is Darlene and my daughter, Kristie wants to work on this project on one piece of fabric.

Can you tell us how big the piece of fabric needs to be if she's working on 28 ct over two, please!

We look forward to your comments and assistance.

In Friendship!


Zsuzska said...
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Vonna said...

It would take a huge piece of fabric, that is why all of us are doing it over one thread of linen on various counts. If you go back and look at the very beginning of this blog, you will see various discussions about size, count, etc. What I would suggest is looking through older posts from last year and then figuring out what you think you'll be able to do. If you do it over two at all, it probably should have a count linen of 36 and higher.

Darlene said...

Thank you so much, Vonna. We will heed your advice and then proceed. :-)

Amy said...

I am working on 32 count over 2 otherwise this project would be too overwhelming for me to do. It is large but not terrible I am doing 3 rows and I expect the stitched area to be 18 1/2 by 39 when I am done.

Mips said...

Mine is over 2 on 33 count fabric. It is huge. It is even huger because I staggered the layout of my blocks. I will have to borrow a camera for the picture.

First you have to decide how you will lay the blocks out.

Second decide which count you will use for the blocks; they are not all the same and they are not as published. The information is sprinkled through the assorted posts here.

Third, decide how many spaces between each block.

Fourth (inserting dramatic scary music) you will have to do some math to add it all up, doublecheck it.

Finally do some more math when you decide on your cloth.

Reminds me, I want to get back to my pumpkin. I am nearly done with that block.

Darlene said...

Amy and Mips, thank you so much for your guidance and assistance. We will definitely heed your advice and suggestions.