Saturday, June 1, 2013

Can't wait to start this!

I have all my supplies gathered now - all the DMC flosses, fabric and charts - now I am dying to start!  I promised myself I must complete at least one of my WIP's before I start this project, BUT I'm thinking maybe a rotation will be the way to go with this project.  I just need to sit down with a pencil and paper and write up some kind of rotation schedule.

Is anyone else just starting this or still working on theirs?

Also, for those of you who stitch with a rotation, what works best for you?  Do you choose certain days to work on each piece of your WIP's, or do you switch projects after getting to various benchmarks of each project?   I've never really done a rotation before - I'm just really bad about picking up whatever calls to me at a given moment and start working on that until the next project seems to want or need my attention!  Lol.  I think I definitely have ADD when it comes to my stitching.  It's fun, but I never seem to accomplish or FINISH much this way!  ;-)


Alice said...

I am still plugging away at it. I am on V is for Vineyard! I used to do a rotation, I would do ten hours on a project and then switch. I have been focusing on this piece for over a year now though. Otherwise I wouldn't finish it in this lifetime!

Jan said...

Great that you are starting! I am stitching L for Leaves as a separate block but contemplating doing the whole alphabet. Currently I am working on this as a SAL with friends so working on it once every 3weeks. I generally just work on projects as the mood takes me. I do rotate as a result but not on any schedule.