Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It's Been A While

Here is the latest on my Prairie Schooler ABC project.
Just a reminder-ecru Congress cloth and my own conversion to mostly overdyed threads-GAST & WDW. Stitching in tent stitch.

Here is what it looks like all the way to the far left side.
I really would like to finish this project by the end of this year.
Let's see some other updates!


cucki said...

Super cute xx

Kevin said...

Beautiful job! I'm anxious to begin this project next year (fingers crossed!) Did you have a lot of trouble lining up the charts to fit so neatly? I believe I saw posted here in an earlier post someone who had mapped out the placement since there is a discrepancy in the sizes of the charts? Yours looks perfect!

Melissa B said...

Agree with Kevin, it looks wonderful! What a lovely job you've done on this very detailed project. I have all the "ingredients" but have not had time, I'm so busy doing repair work for customers. I enjoy seeing your progress, though. Makes me want to get busy on mine.

Alice said...

Great job! I hope to finish by the end of the year too!

Jan Gartlan said...

Love it! I am stitching L for Leaves so will post a photo very soon