Wednesday, July 19, 2017

G is for Garden

another finish on this fun alphabet - the only change I made to this is that I left out the vines around the gazebo.  They didn't appeal to me.  also, there are a few mistakes that I can live with.


Matilda the Stitcher said...

Sheryl, really pretty G! Can't wait to get there as I'm about halfway through F! G seems much more colorful than the others....Or maybe I've been just seeing way too many Black Birds so far! Ha!
Thanks for sharing!
Happy Stitching!

P.S. What mistakes? NO one else sees them!!! (:))

sheryl said...

I just started on F - so I guess we are going in reverse ha ha. I am not looking forward to D - but I will power through. They really don't take that long to stitch up, but I usually take a break after every two that I do. I want to stitch ALL the things!!!!

happy stitching, Matilda!

(mistakes - the tree on the right is two rows higher than the one on the left - but since it is the top row I DONT CARE!!!! )

Matilda the Stitcher said...

What's in a tree......they don't all grow even do they!! LOL!
I too take a break after every one actually and stitch up what the lady at our shop calls "smalls" and I call "in-be-tweens!" :)
Keeps my motivated on the big project to get small ones finished. As in, done done! (my son used to say!)

Between you and me....well and whoever else reads this post....I started my F one row to close to my E (2 blanks instead of 3) I just have to make sure the next rows down all line up. Oh well......just making it unique they say.
Enjoy your F for Friends!
Your Friend,

Matilda the Stitcher said...

A post script on sister and I stitched the heart in pink and creme in stead of that ugly gold and creme, looks really pretty and, I think I may do the heart in the hand on the right in pink or red long stitch...just to be different!

sheryl said...

i also messed up with the number of spaces between the letters - but i am going to make it work!! this project is so large, and i have it wadded up on the qsnaps - after i finish F - i will take it off and figure it out so that it will all end well. I have 3 other large projects that are being neglected.
a year at Hawk Run Hollow , the Cottage Garden monthly series and an American Flag with all 50 states in quilted squares - what was I thinking. One of these days they will all be done done!