Monday, August 7, 2017

Another Letter Down! Really Like My "F is for Friend."
Little mistake about number of rows between letters, will just have to adjust on down the rows on the bottom letters­čśč
Changed the thread for the bottom left key/heart to pink, matched the pink in the hand. (Pink as in, from the dmc colors for this project!)
Changed the left hair to match my sister, my hair for the right friend.
I am so much enjoying this project, biggest one I have ever attempted. I encourage all you stitchers out there to not be afraid to try this or any other big project that you can do bit by bit. I usually stitch a 'small' project between each letter to give me a

feeling of getting things done!
Happy Stitching!



sheryl said...

Hi Matilda,

I have enjoyed seeing your progress - A through F are looking fantastic! I agree that this project (although quite large) is fun and each letter stitches up in less than a month so that there is some sense of accomplishment. (for me anyway) - happy stitching!

Matilda the Stitcher said...

Sheryl, Me too seeing your letters! So we have crisscrossed each other now! I'm on G and you are starting E! I look forward to your next letter since you usually do some great "tweaking."
Til then!

Ozgur said...

I am preparing my start on this project. I have a few questions. I will be very happy if you can help

As it will be more or less full coverage piece i think the color of th fabric is not my priority. I will with one beige tones or light browns.
As you can guess the point is the count......
I am thinking 36 ct 2 over 2 .
I never worked on lambswool fabic. Is it difficultas some people say the fabric is hard.
And even didn't start the project yet, may i be allowed to subscribe to the blog?