Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Happy December!
Don't know if I'm the only stitcher still working on the ABC's but I am so enjoying it! Finished up the first row, Letter 9 "I", so that is one a month for nine months. 😏 Yes, it will take 2 years at this rate, but in between all of the other projects I do....I just keep stitching away on it! My Indian has a peace pipe instead of a bow and arrow, a suggestion from another stitcher! Even stuck a feather on the end of the pipe. I'm really happy with this letter!
Happy Holidays to all the stitchers out there and
Happy Stitching!


sheryl said...

Happy December Matilda. Your letter I came out beautiful! I love the peace pipe - i am still working on the alphabet, will be picking it up again in January - after quite a long break to work on other massive projects. I am pretty sure i could get it done in 2019! I always enjoy your progress!

Happy Holidays and a healthly and peaceful New Year to you!


Matilda the Stitcher said...

So nice to hear from you Sheryl! Very Happy to see I'm not the only one still stitching the letters! I too have been working on lots of projects. It's hard to fit it all in all in with life, travel, books! Oh my!
Have a safe Holiday Season to you too!
I Hope to see your progress in January 2018. Thank you again for sharing your new ideas for the letters!!
Happy stitching!

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