Sunday, April 1, 2018

C is for Cow

I replaced the cow jumping over the moon with the cow from Booklet No. 94 Barnyard Christmas.  I will keep it simple here - if you can live without harming others - why wouldn't you.  This is how I try to live.  Cows (and all animals) want to live.  Animals are here with us, not for us.  We are all one.


Matilda the Stitcher said...

What a wonderful change out on this block! Isn't it great to make our stitching our very own that represents what is so important to us as individuals! Very nicely done! You are such an amazing stitcher! I really enjoy your updates and changes!
I'm still stitching away on R for Rabbit! Hope to move on soon. I'm going backwards down row two!
Thanks for sharing!
Happy Stitching!

Rose Marie said...
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sheryl said...

Thank you Matilda for recognizing the value of the changes I made in this piece. Stitching this block meant alot to me. I love this project and am enjoying making it my own. R is for a rabbit was one of my favorites - can't wait to see yours. I'm currently going backwards on both tow 1 and 2. Happy Stitching!

sheryl said...
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