Wednesday, May 15, 2019

WIP Sewing

i only just realised why the stitches in my pedal do not match the pattern: S is for Sewing is larger by one stitch than P. And I did make a mistake in my yard stick: near the second needle, close to the number 4, a quarter of an inch has three stitches instead of four.

I almost freaked out. But there is no way I will frog all this. So I decided I will fudge a bit through the sewing machine and the rest of the pattern and no one will be able to tell. Because if I did not see it before, it must be pretty invisible.

Conclusion: S is 70 wide. And now I see that U is 101 high so I will be careful.
I really should have checked before. I am pretty sure I noted this two years ago but I had forgotten. Ah well...

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sheryl said...

Your stitching is lovely - no need to frog if you ask me. My S is for SO MANY MISTAKES - but i am in the camp of we just move forward and be happy with our stitching! agreed - no one would every know. cant wait to see your finish. I will be posting mine soon, I just finished the letter S and T.