Saturday, December 12, 2009

Finished Mulling Over

So I've finally decided how I'm going to approach this ABC project. Although I think that the alphabet stitched all on one piece of linen is stunning (and I may yet do it myself at some time in the future); I am not going to take that route. I have a lot of projects outside of stitching that I've said yes to and a lot of stitching projects that need to be finished, so with this - which I really want to ENJOY - I'm going to be a little different. I will stitch them all - over one - individually and make them into ornaments. Then I am going to make an ornament tree following Vonna's very excellent instructions on her tutorial page (thank you so much for posting that Vonna - you did a beautiful job). I have a bay window in my dining room that the whole thing - tree and ornaments - will look very pretty in. Also, I am going to convert the DMC colors to overdyes and change some of the color combinations to suit me. I particularly like StitchingPeanut's changes in her "A". Not sure about the linen color yet, but there's no need to go buy more since I have a whole drawer full. I had sent my two previously purchased charts (GHI and DEF) to my DIL in Seattle to see if she wanted to use them. They were not her style, but thankfully she still had them and didn't mind me asking for them back. Now they are here. I will spend this weekend sorting fabric and flosses, but I won't start stitching January 1. I want to make this my "2010" project. It'll be a miracle if I finish it all in one year. Best to you all.

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Laura said...

This sounds so exciting!! Great idea! and a great weekend in front of you doing the sorting and thinking!