Monday, January 18, 2010

And I'll buy a vowel please

It is so cool to see so many different ways that you all are stitching these same designs. I've just read over all the posts since my last visit and all I can say is "OH MY!!". This is really fun to watch, thank you all for sharing not only your progress but your problems, suggestions and tips as well.

My charts and threads finally arrived the week of Christmas, what a really nice gift I gave myself. So A is for Anchor was one of two New Year's starts for me. Even with a nagging visit from the frog this one only took a couple of days to finish up. I was really surprised how fast it went. Like Vonna, I've set my goal for one a month because I have sooooo many WIPS that I really want to work on. But if the rest of them stitch as quickly I might revise that goal upwards a bit.

I've also been working on MaryWigham and was reminded by that SAL group that when I was young (in the very olden days) we used to dedicate our stitching to family members and friends. Since I've lost some really loved family and friends in the past couple of years I thought I might revive that tradition with a few of the ABC blocks. So I've put my uncle's initials in this 'nautical' block because he was a 'sailing man' all his life.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful works, I am so enjoying them all.

Happy Stitching

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Nic said...

Looks great! And what a nice idea to link it to the important people in your life.

Katherine said...

How touching. Such a sweet idea to put in the intials, Yoyo.

Alice said...

Block A looks great! I like the idea of dedicating your stitching. Will you be doing that with all your blocks? If you do, you should write all of it down and have a pocket attached when it is framed so that people down the ages (tee hee) will know the story.

Candace said...

I love your idea of personalizing the block!