Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Small Start.

I thought I'd go ahead and share with you the small bit I've done on my A block. 

32 count R&R Reproductions linen
overdyed cotton floss
Prairie Schooler ABCs, block A

Its not much, but I'm happy with it.  I've chosen to leave only 3/4" as the margin for finishing because I'm doing ornies.  For a list of my conversions, visit my blog under the post "cabin fever".  They're a mixture of CC, WDW, and GA.  Hope to be able to show you more next time!

Katie (:


Adee aka kiwigirl42 said...

it looks beautiful in your choice of colours. Good idea to make them into ornies!

Vonna said...

A very nice start :)

Alice said...

It looks wonderful. I can't wait for a pic of a finished ornie... I was thinking that is an intriguing idea.

Katherine said...

Katie I like your colors; tres bon!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, everyone! (: