Sunday, January 31, 2010

Third time a charm....

Hi Everyone,
I am really happy to be taking part in this SAL. I have had these charts for several years and was never sure what to do with them, I just knew that I loved them. I was speechless when I saw the photo on Vonna's blog that got this all started. I was thrilled to see this sal and many thanks to Vonna for doing this.
I am stitching this all on one piece of 25 count ivory lugana, one over one, with the DMC threads that are called for except for a few changes here and there. I did change the red 3857 to 221, except for the letter A and I used 3721 there.
This was my third start on this, the first attempt was on 28 count over one and my eyes did not like that. I then tried a different 25 count, can't remember what it was but it seemed hard to see and was rather fuzzy, then I finally started on the 25ct. lugana.
As you can see from the date on this from my camera, I had this much done by Jan. 17th, I now have quite a bit of the B done so I will hopefully post again within a week.
I am really enjoying seeing everyone's progress and the different layouts.

Take care,
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Adee aka kiwigirl42 said...

you've certainly made up for the 2 false starts. This is looking great.

Nic said...

It looks great! Certainly worth the effort!

Alice said...


Deb said...

It looks great! Glad that you stuck with it after two false starts!!

Katherine said...

You crazy girl! Three starts! You REALLY must want to do this project. I'd have wrapped that puppy up and put it in the back of the drawer by then! You get an A++++ for diligence Brenda, that's for sure. Very lovely.

Anonymous said...

Very lovely, Brenda! It looks great! (: