Friday, February 5, 2010

My Introduction

Thanks so much for letting me join the ABC Stitching Bee!  I've been collecting Prairie Schooler designs for several years, and recently completed my collection of the ABC set.  I've read all of the posts and admired everyone's progress.  WOW--there is some serious stitching going on here!

In reading all the posts, I've driven myself nearly crazy trying to decide on fabric count, 1 over 1, 2 over 2, floss choices, and worst of all--deciding the layout.  I really want to stitch the whole alphabet.  As I've been reading, I've drawn possible layouts all over both sides of several pieces of paper!  However, after all this agonizing, I'm convinced I won't be happy unless stitch it in the 9 x 3 format like the wonderful photo is!  I'm leaning toward 25 ct Lugana stitched 1 over 1 (now to order some fabric!).  

While I love the overdyed conversion Katherine came up with, DMC fits my budget better at the moment.  Also, thanks so much to everyone who have posted adjustments to the floss colors as they're stitching; I'm sure I'll be combing the posts for advice as I stitch.

Here's my confession:  I'm a totally over-committed stitcher (serious inability to stop joining SALS!), have little experience with 1 over 1, work full time, and have lousy close-up vision (just got a pair of prism glasses with +8 diopter specifically for my stitching).  I do not like using my Mag-Eyes or Dazor floor stand magnifier (altho I swear by the light it provides).

So, at the moment I have nothing to show, but I hope to be getting started soon. 

Happy Stitching!

Vicki in CO

P.S.  Vonna, after reading your blog this evening, I have already made out my 2010 Christmas Wish List---I would love of those Needlework System 4 floor stands!  Looks so much more versatile than the American Dream Products one I have.  How high will it adjust?  I need the fabric 8-10" from my eyes to see it clearly, but I also love to be able to use both hands to stitch.


Anonymous said...

Welcome abord, Vicki! I can't wait to see your progress. (:

Katherine said...

Hey Vicki - thanks for the shout out and welcome! I wasn't too into the over one thing and said to my best beloved the other night that after three of these, I'm really used to it now. So, there is hope. Looking forward to watching your progress!

Brenda said...

Hi Vicki and welcome! I have only been stitching one over one for a year now but I just love it. No more twisted stitches and I find it quite a bit faster, hope you will like it too. I do use a daylight light/magnifier and this makes it much easier. I use a Q snap and attach it to my floor stand and I stitch 2 handed which goes a lot quicker as well.
I look forward to seeing your progress, I find these fun to stitch and hope you will too.