Sunday, February 9, 2014

Finally starting!

I'm very excited to announce I'm FINALLY going to start working on my PS Alphabet! Today I'm getting everything organized, prepping my fabric, sorting flosses, etc  I'll "officially" begin this week.  Big thanks to my friend Jan out in Cyberspace for letting me stitch along with her face to face group as they work on this project together.  It always helps to have encouragement and motivation - especially on large projects like this.
And, I'm willing to help encourage or motivate anybody else who is out there in Cyberspace who may want to start this as well or pick up where they left off, etc.  Just shoot me a message or comment right here if you're interested in stitching along.  Happy stitching!


Krista said...

Wonderful news, Kevin! I have admired all the work done on this blog for some time and want to do this one too. I really need to sort out which letters I have already and which ones I need and try to jump in! Looking forward to seeing your ABCs!

Jan Gartlan said...

I am excited too Kevin! I can't wait until we can share some photos. I have stitched about a third of the first letter.

Elizabeth Andrus said...

Hi Keven, What a pleasure to find you here and see that you are going to be stitching this wonderful alphabet. I also am gathering together my supplies to stitch a piece that will be the showcase of my living room. I will be stitching on 36ct over two. It will require an entire yard of fabric! I look forward to following your progress. Elizabeth, Cross My Heart, Columbus Ohio