Monday, February 10, 2014

Time to share!

Hello all

I've been lurking on this blog for a few months now whilst working on the ABC and I have finally managed to get camera, batteries, memory card and laptop all in the same place, so here are some pictures of my progress. Kevin's post that he was starting prompted me to share my work so far, but apologies the photos aren't that great.

I started working on it in October, when the clocks went back in the UK and winter officially started. I'm doing it all on one piece of Zweigart 25 count floba raw, with one thread. The middle row is nearly all complete - see what you think.

I'm loving the results - as a Brit, there are a few letters which seem "very" American to me, if you know what I mean - no offence!  But the overall look is great and makes a nice change from a lot of the other run of the mill cross stitch designs out there.

Happy stitching!

best wishes



Kevin said...

Jane, I'm so happy to see you've posted your progress on this. I think it looks fantastic! I really like using the Floba fabric for Prairie Schooler designs - just seems perfect for these charts.
Here's a question for you and the rest of the folks who've started theirs - how are you managing the fabric? I mean, it's a pretty large cut of linen to accommodate all the letters, right? Is everyone doing this on a floor stand or do you have another technique to handle the excess linen?
Can't wait to see more updates as you proceed with this.

Faye said...


Jane said...

Hi again

Thank you both for the encouragement.

Kevin - the piece of material is huge - 39 inches long x 27 inches wide! However, I just work it with an 8 inch plastic Susan Bates hoop, with the spare material just loosely rolled out of the way to give me clear access to the back.

As the years continue to advance(!) I have developed the habit of working with the material quite close to my eyes, thus can't deal with floor stands etc. I find that, although you are tightening the hoop over already stitched areas, you don't do any damage because the hoop usually stays on for a couple of hours only at a time. Obviously I would imagine if you left it on stitched work for days on end, you would end up in trouble with permanently squashed stitches.

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