Friday, January 16, 2015

The Big Question!

I truly feel as though I am in a race to the FINISH and all the other horses are trying to crowd me out. My goal with my sampler is to contain within it's 15" border: 26 Alphabet Letters, 26 Large Motifs, 26 Over-one Thread Motifs, and 26 Alphabet Words. Whew! See what I mean?

To create a bit of order, I am stitching all of the Alphabet Words in DMC 221. I have also positioned them purposefully only threads apart from one of the motifs. You just can't have words floating about!

I'm giggling to myself at how I have had to remind myself to move my Q-Snap often so as not to over stitch one particular area. The big question now is where on earth will I squeeze in J for Jonquil and it's corresponding motif! Happy Stitching to you All!


Laura said...

This is GENIUS!!!!!!!!!! Wow! I am loving this. Please keep posting and let us know when you start the Halloween piece. So exciting!

Annette-California said...

WOW! I am in awe of your gorgeous sampler. I see the letter "J" by the fish. But you want to squeeze in the flower Jonquil? If so Maybe in the top right hand corner but you would need to remove the yellow border.
Good luck! love Annette

Barb said...

This is such an amazing, imaginative piece! I love it and your wonderful creativity - just what stitching should be!
Keep sharing the pictures and I, too, look forward to your Halloween version. That should be so fun too.

I just started stitching all of the PS ABCs - but I am stitching them 3 across and 9 down - one thread over one thread - 25 count, long and skinny. It's fun to stitch but really kind of overwhelming at this point. I've got a very long way to go. LOL!

Mips said...

Fantastic! What a great idea. This looks like so much fun to arrange. Please - Keep sharing pictures!