Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Journey has begun

As publishing via Flickr was not as easy with my tablet, I am trying to share via email.
My second paragraph of text was lost in the process, but it is really easier to post like this. I set it to "save as a draft" and add the text before publishing.

The red is 221.
I ran out of 3371 and miss many colours for A, so my progress will slow down. I am really happy with my choice of fabric, count and setting. I am doing 9x3 on one piece of 32 ct raw linen.


Rachel said...

Lovely progress so far!

KrissKross said...

I was excited to see someone else starting this project! I ordered all the charts a couple weeks ago, and the last of them arrived this weekend. I plan to do mine on a 36 count linen. I am afraid the fabric will be the size of a large dining room table! Do you watch floss tube? Thread Garden has an episode where she reveals her finished piece and she can wrap it around her body like a shawl!

I am looking forward to seeing your progress and hope to eventually share mine as well.