Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Starting today - floss usage?

Or yesterday, to be precise, my journey with the PC ABC finally started.
I have been admiring many wonderful realisations on this blog, and decided to share here my progress.

I am cross stitching two over two on 32 count natural linen, which is my preferred technique. I hesitated to choose a larger count to obtain a smaller FO, but I prefer to be comfortable while stitching so many hours.

I already modified the red on the compass and flag, because I don't have 3857 and 221 looks very close. I just wanted to start!
Now I am running out of the little bit of 3371 I had left in my stash. So it is time to ask anyone who still reads here about floss usage. Did anyone noted theirs? DMC floss is ridiculously expensive in Switzerland and it would be useful to plan my orders wisely.

Here is an image of my very first stitches. Since then I have almost finished the black parts of the ship.


Kathy Ose said...

Good took me two years to finish mine. I worked on it off and on..wish I could send you a picture but not at home now. My husband custom made my frame. I think I used 18 count and the biggest piece of cloth I could use.

KrissKross said...

I would love to see your finished piece, Kathy! :)