Sunday, April 16, 2017

WIP - K is for Kitty

Little Miss Kitty is doing well. She took a bath today : I spilled some herbal tea on my stitching and thought it safer to wash the whole cloth. The floss lost some shine, but everything is clean and good.


cucki said...

love her..
so cute xx

KrissKross said...

So glad your piece survived the cleaning process! It is coming along wonderfully! I am gearing up to start mine this week. Hope to post progress photos soon. :)


KrissKross said...

I have started block A! But it isn't enough to post a pic yet... Today, I spent half my stitching time ripping out the called for red and gold and replacing them. The called for red looks brown and the called for gold is brown, too! I knew it would bug me so I took it out and hunted for replacements. Looking forward to sharing this journey here! :)


Filambulle said...

Thank you for the comments. I thought I would receive them in my mailbox and did not think to check in here, sorry.

Anderson said...

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