Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Those pesky odd numbers

Hi, ladies and gents if any! Vonna just let me in on the fun! I got the final charts for the alphabet this week, and I'm planning how to arrange it. I've looked at a lot of configurations online, and I'm going to do the most common - 9 across, three down, on the Wichelt 32 ct lambswool linen that is usually called for by PS on most of its charts.

Now the big question: Most of the charts are 100 x 70 stitches. However, some are 101 x 72, some of 101 x 70, and some are 100 x 72. How do you make all of those work? I had thought of making an outline grid then float each design inside, so the size of each isn't evident. Have any of you done it that way?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

A stitcher for 35 years and I still love it.


Matilda the Stitcher said...

Welcome Susanna! You will have so much fun stitching these a b c's with us!
As to stitch count.....when we all started, the lady in the shop said, aim for 3 blank stitches between each block as you go left to right from A to the......right side of fabric.
Now I am on E is for Embroidery, a really lovely block and there is one pesky stitch on the ladies chair hanging off on the right side...I'm going to stick with my 3 stitches between, all the way down the block and this one stitch will just be there in the margin. Does that make sense? A learning experience for me, but I am so loving it! Look forward to seeing your progress!


Meg French said...

I just saw a photo of this on Danielle's (Stitcherista's) Floss Tube.
I would love to stitch this. I cannot find the charts. How do I get started? I would like to stitch the ABC's all one one piece . Beautiful!!

Matilda the Stitcher said...

Meg, here is the shop we are doing this Stitch Along with....she can set you up through online I'm sure, The Stitchers Garden, Conway Arkansas.
Three are about 14 of us doing it, 2 are on line I think.
Hope you find what you need. Linda the shop owner has been there over 12 years I believe and she is really great!
Happy Stitching and looking forward to you joining in however you can!