Sunday, December 6, 2009

G is for Gathering

...Which we are all doing here! Yea!

And I am doing for my supplies... I want to get started soon. Ok, I've got my charts a-coming and flosses in my stash. Now I need some help, please, from some of you with mathimatical minds. I want to get my fabric and don't know how much I need. I thought someone had mentioned dimensions/stitch count but can't find them in any of the posts. I see Leslie is doing hers 4 across by 7 high. Leslie, may I ask what you've figured for dimensions/stitch count, please? Several others are doing the 9 across by 3 high. Anybody, please, what is the stitch count? My heartfelt thanks!

Wishing you all the happiest of holidays!


Leslie Stitches said...

Hi Barb, here's how I figured: Charts are 70w x 100h (+/- a stitch here & there) so 4 wide = 280 stitches and 7 high = 700 stitches and then I added 2 stitches in between each letter for a total of 286 wide x 612 high. On 40 count fabric over 2 that's 20" wide by 40" high (I stitch on scroll rods so the narrower the better - I'm surprised I didn't go for 2 x 13 - ha ha)

If you'd like a copy of my Excel worksheet just e-mail me privately, okay? leslie at I've got it figured for 3x9, 7x3 and 4x7. All this while IMpatiently waiting for my fabric!

HTH, Leslie

omashee aka Barb said...

Thanks Leslie, this is a real help. Actually, just knowing the size of the charts helps. Now just to figure what size I'll do it on. Do I really want to do it over one? Ouch!!